Our Thoughts on the Metaverse and VR

Ai Future Intelligence Brain  - Activedia / Pixabay

Fortnight’s epic rise in popularity has allowed. With the global pandemic, Epic is experimenting with creating experiences for players toying with in-game live event concerts. Some are labeling Epic and Fortnight the sudden leader in creating the metaverse. There are several companies building early examples, and Second Life is still around. The Hollywood film Ready Player One and the VR hype recently has brought the vision back to the top of futurists’ minds, as well as game designers and big tech companies.

As exciting as VR is, or should be, if you know about all the bits of the technology around it all, we still have a ways to go. Things are no doubt moving quickly, but many pieces still need to come together. The biggest problem is that a lot of compatibility, interoperability, and standards need to be established on both side of the VR hardware and the Metaverse software. The biggest companies in the world are going to be fighting themselves for dominance, and ultimately slowing down the potential advancement.

When I think about VR versus mobile, it makes me think deeper. The Metaverse from Snow Crash and Ready Player One is not only technologically far away, but its also culturally as well. As much as people got excited about VR taking off like mobile a couple years ago, they got too excited to think through the details. I had conversations with friends investing in the space and felt like a Debbie-Downer explaining the issues with good universal input, cost and space for the equipment, and being able to just do it comfortably.

Another key aspect is the inability to multitask while using VR or full-attention gaming platforms. Having the time to set aside to play video games is not a luxury everyone has. People are working more and having to do more to get by. VR and the Metaverse doesn’t feel like something conducive to breaks or short sessions. These issues will be resolved at the right time, so our phones will be connected to us inside the VR Metaverse as well. But it is clear that we are still very far away from the Metaverse dominating our real lives.

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