Decentralized Acquisition spurs cooperative Community Growth driving Play-4-Impact meaningful monetization with rewards & attribution.



Rewards include virtual currency, virtual goods, special discounts, partner girfts, NFTs, and more!

User Friendly

Everyone is familiar with saving images or taking screenshots for later and uploading.

Trustest + Secure

Images and videos media files are very trusted and secure formats, being very fraud-resistant.


Earn rewards and redeem gifts for joining the community, recruiting players, sharing content, and amplifying viral campaigns. Purchases help our partners and supporters while earning players premium impact game currency and Superheart tokens.

Easy Web2 Payments,
No Crypto

Advertisers fund campaigns instantly with reliable web2 payments. Partners and players become affiliates who earn and get paid via Paypal, Venmo or gift cards. No web3 wallets, no crypto, no drama. 

“Superheart has figured out how to create impactful games with a flywheel growth engine and tangible viral potential.”


Ready for the Web3 Transition...

DECENTRALIZED UA ➜ Community GROWTH ➜ Viral Monetization

Our differentiated approach addresses the UA struggle in the walled garden privacy-1st world and provides a full-funnel growth flywheel. 

Organic Attribution Tracking

Our unique patent-pending incentivized acquisition uses opt-in rewarded attribution works across OS, platforms, and devices.

Earnings Per Install

Players, influencers, and fans are rewarded and paid to recruit, grow, and monetize the new users and existing player base.

Self-serve Dashboard

Easy signup or in-game account creation gives players and partners access to a dashboard for campaigns and reporting.

Multimedia Powered

Familiar, secure, powered by billions of smartphones. Visual media contains mood, emotion, text, graphics and conveys "a million words."

Easy Payments & Gift Cards

Pay easily with in-app purchase and credit card and get rewarded by redeeming gift cards and exclusives from our partners.

Web3, NFTs, Utility

NFTs provide utility in several areas - P2O game art assets, loyalty rewards, impact transparency, Superheart governance token.