game tech

The Superheart Framework is designed for always-on F2P mobile games with 30+ server and client game systems, modules,  and components to make cloud-based config-driven games.

  • Persistent Worlds
  • Auto-Login
  • User Profile
  • Game Configurator
  • Cloud Sync
  • Asset Downloader
  • Offline Play
  • Level Progression
  • Custom Webviews
  • Cloud-based Backend
  • Data-driven Content
  • Virtual Currency & Goods
  • Dynamic Store
  • Missions & Goals
  • Rewards
  • Ad Monetization
  • Social Community
  • Leaderboards
  • Tutorials & Dialogs
  • Mini-games
  • Messages Inbox
  • Chat Rooms
  • Visitor Mode
  • Marketplace
  • Collect & Inventory
  • Notifications
  • Screencap Share
  • … and more!
The Future


Game Genre Mixing
A New Trend

"One particular trend that continues to make waves in this area is, again, hybrid gaming. Developers combine various styles of multi-play gaming into one mobile game. Although its popularity is increasing, mobile hybrid gaming isn’t a new concept."

Approach > Genre
Department of Play 2020

"As we’ve seen, hybridcasual really isn’t a genre. Rather, it’s a game design and maintenance approach informed by lessons from casual, hypercasual, and the broad evolution of F2P mobile games. Borrowing a little design theory from here, and a little LTV strategy from there, hybridcasual can bring you an alluring balance of low eCPIs and lasting LTV."


virtual game worlds
Future vs Now
TechCrunch 2020

"The “metaverse” of science fiction is not arriving imminently. Instead, the virtual worlds of multiplayer games — still accessed from phones, tablets, PCs and consoles — are our stepping stones during this next phase."

New Kind of MMO
TechCrunch 2020

"Over the next few years, there will be a trend: new open-world MMO games that emphasize social functionality that engages users, even if they don’t care much about the mission of the game itself. These new products will target casual gamers wanting to enter the world for merely a few minutes at a time since hardcore gamers are already well-served by game publishers."

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