Who We Are

Free-to-play mobile games should be immersive worlds players escape to, find community, share knowledge, relax the mind, heal the soul, and experience joy. Smartphones today offer the unique ability to jump into new game worlds at the palm of your hand anytime and within moments notice. 

Out team strives to bring unique gameplay experiences to the wide mobile gaming audience. We mix genres and add mid-core meta to give players of casual mobile games, especially non-traditional gamers, a compelling and addictive gaming experience. With easy to play tap mechanics, high quality 3D visuals, story narrative, user created worlds, mid-core mechanics, deep meta-game, and global social community. As an ambitious and scrappy innovative indie team, we are building next-gen mobile social F2P games. If you’re passionate about innovation in mobile gaming space and would like to join us or know more,  reach out!

Reach out by email to connect with us and talk or you can skip the back-and-forth and just book a time for a call.

Founding Team

Paulo<br />Brandao

Paulo Brandao

Founder, CEO

Bartosz<br />Sweity

Bartosz Sweity

Co-founder, CTO

Rick<br />Yeh

Rick Yeh

Business / Legal