We focus on free-to-play cross-platform casual mid-core games for all ages and genders. We believe in building immersive and persistent game worlds, not genre leaders. Our games are easy to play with deep meta, content cycle and live ops.

Progression Focused

We created a full gamification experience with badges, quests, credits and ranks to create an awesome experience!

Unique & Immersive

All pages are carefully crafted to fit all you may need! Also, we included lots of illustrations and elements PSD’s!

Social Community

We took advantage and expanded the Buddypress plugin with reactions, shares, media, and much more!


Tap Oceans Reef Rescue

An immersive virtual underwater world where players build, care, share, and visit reefs around the world with realistic living 3D creatures. We champion ocean literacy and marine conservation as we make an impact for ocean protection and restoration through play and our 10% donation pledge.

Reality, Fantasy, Science, Culture

Tap Oceans reveals the mysteries of the oceans, with an epic story and unforgettable cast of characters. 


We weave reality and fantasy into a captivating experience that is both educational and enlightening while being fun and relaxing.

Awesome Community

An incredible community with super full profiles, social links, gamification items and much more!

Gamification System

An incredible gamification system with badges, quests, ranks and credits to earn and unlock!

Friendly Forums

Easy to navigate and post forums! Create your own discussion to talk with other people!

Super Author Hub

A complete author hub with profile settings, info, email preferences, group management and more!

Dark/Light Presets

You have a switch to change between light and dark versions that the admin can customize!

Private Groups

You can easily create private groups from your author hub! Just go to the manage groups section!