Gaming for a Better World: Ride the Eco-Wave, The Future is Blue

In an era where climate change headlines are more frequent than ever, the call to action to protect and restore our planet has never been more urgent. As individuals, we often find ourselves searching for ways to contribute positively to the environment, and as it turns out, the digital landscape is becoming a promising frontier […]

Calling All Underwater Photographers!

Become a Hero in Superheart’s Tap Oceans Mission Today we at Superheart are extending an exciting invitation. We’re calling on all underwater photographers, from professional scuba divers to amateur snorkelers with GoPros, to join us as premier content creators in our vibrant community. Your unique perspectives and inspiring images can help champion the cause of […]

Partner Spotlight: How Kindred is Leveling Up Sustainability in Gaming

In the realm of sustainable gaming, Kindred is a trailblazer. They’ve seamlessly merged the world of online shopping with the gaming community, allowing players to contribute to sustainability goals while enjoying their favorite games. As a proud partner of Kindred, Superheart is excited to shine the spotlight on their impactful work in this feature. Innovating […]

Partner Spotlight: United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration

The Superheart community is not just about gaming; it’s about making a difference in the world. One of the ways we aim to do this is by aligning our mission with key global initiatives, such as the United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. This pivotal project is a rallying call for us all, and we’re […]

Get Early Access to Tap Oceans Reef Rescue

Help Us Shape the Future of Gaming for Good We are thrilled to announce that our innovative mobile game, Tap Oceans Reef Rescue, is now in early access beta on iOS and Android! This is an exciting milestone on our journey to create fun and impactful gaming experiences that bring awareness to vital global issues. […]

Restoring Our Oceans One Tap at a Time

Introducing Tap Oceans Reef Rescue At Superheart, we’re fueled by a love for our planet and a passion for gaming. But, we’ve noticed that there’s a gap in the gaming market – there are few games that blend enjoyable gameplay with meaningful causes. With this in mind, we set out on a mission: to create […]

Partner Spotlight: Healthy Oceans, Healthy People

As part of our ongoing commitment to our global community and the ecosystems we love, Superheart is honored to spotlight our partnership with Healthy Oceans, Healthy People. A non-profit organization based in Santa Cruz, California, Healthy Oceans, Healthy People dedicates its work to understanding and nurturing the vital relationship between humans and our oceanic world. […]

Ocean Conservation 101: Simple Ways to Protect Our Oceans Outside of Tap Oceans

While diving into the world of Tap Oceans allows you to make a tangible difference in ocean conservation, there are several ways you can contribute to this cause in your everyday life as well. Here, we provide some simple, actionable steps that you can take to protect our oceans and marine life. 1. Reduce, Reuse, […]

Real-World Impact: How Playing Tap Oceans Helps Our Oceans

When you think of gaming, the first thing that might come to mind is an escape into a virtual world. At Superheart, however, we\’re leveraging the power of gaming for real-world impact. Our mobile game, Tap Oceans, transcends the boundaries of the virtual realm, taking tangible strides toward ocean conservation. Wondering how? Let\’s dive in. […]

Partners Spotlight: How is Making Waves in Ocean Conservation

At Superheart, we believe in the power of partnerships. We are proud to be working alongside organizations that are committed to making a tangible difference in our world. One such partner is, a dynamic platform driving environmental change through digital experiences. In this spotlight feature, we dive deep into\’s mission, work, and the […]