Gaming for a Better World: Ride the Eco-Wave, The Future is Blue

In an era where climate change headlines are more frequent than ever, the call to action to protect and restore our planet has never been more urgent. As individuals, we often find ourselves searching for ways to contribute positively to the environment, and as it turns out, the digital landscape is becoming a promising frontier […]

Restoring Our Oceans One Tap at a Time

Introducing Tap Oceans Reef Rescue At Superheart, we’re fueled by a love for our planet and a passion for gaming. But, we’ve noticed that there’s a gap in the gaming market – there are few games that blend enjoyable gameplay with meaningful causes. With this in mind, we set out on a mission: to create […]

Mission-led and United Movement

How the Superheart Community is Pivotal to Gaming for Impact At Superheart, we believe in the power of community. We see gaming not merely as an entertaining pastime, but as a platform where like-minded individuals can come together to effect real-world change. Our vision of \’gaming for impact\’ relies on a simple, yet powerful concept: […]

The Ocean: A World of Wonder, Mystery, and Urgency

The ocean. A vast expanse that covers over 70% of our planet. It’s a world of awe and wonder, of beauty and mystery. It’s also a world that, despite its immense size and importance, remains largely unexplored and misunderstood. A World Unlike Any Other The ocean is often described as an alien world, and rightfully […]

Brief History of Immersive Aquatic Video Games

From Ecco the Dolphin to Tap Oceans There is an enchanting allure that the underwater world exudes – one that has fascinated humanity for ages. Its vast, mystifying wilderness brimming with vibrantly hued corals, awe-inspiring marine life, and the soothing yet powerful undulations of the sea is mesmerizing. This fascination has percolated into the realm […]

Welcome to Superheart, Your Community for Positive Impact Gaming

An Introduction Hey, all you gaming enthusiasts, planet protectors, and creature carers! This one’s for you. We’re Superheart, an indie game studio that’s all about making gaming do the good stuff – you know, like protecting critters, rejuvenating habitats, and just generally rocking the boat in the name of Mother Earth. So, get ready to […]